Double Glazing

Save energy all seasons

Double glazing is the best choice if we want to save energy and a pleasant feeling all year round.

Energy efficient glass is the most modern version in the field of double glazing. Between the two panes there is a gap of 6mm to 20mm, which contains either dry dehydrated air or a special gas, such as argon.

Their effectiveness is due to the presence of special low-e high-performance glass. This practically means that heat will be very difficult to enter your home during the summer and just as difficult to escape during the winter. 

As a result, you do not need to use air conditioning or heating so much and this helps you save energy, reduce your bills and protect the environment by minimazing your energy footprint.

Double glazing is also excellent as a soundproofing material, as the sound can not easily penetrate the double glass. You will hear much less outside noise and enjoy the quiet of your home.

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