Safety Glass

Protection against injuries, vandalism and burglary

Thermoglass offers a wide range of safety glasses to meet your every need.

The two main categories of safety glasses are:

Tempered Glass [Securit] – Thermally Hardened


A Tempered glass has undergone a process of heating and rapid cooling that results in a permanent state where forces of compression act on its surface and forces of tensileon its inside.

In this condition, the glass shows increased resistance to both temperature and bending (3-4 times more than a corresponding simple glass) and impact. When it breaks it will break into very small pieces thus minimizing the risk of injury.

They are used:

  • Where perforation and/or cutting of the glass is required for it to accept components [hinges, knobs, locks, support systems]
  • When the glass will have to withstand some load, heat shock or some elevated temperatures [exposure to sunlight]
  • To minimize the severity of the injury in a possible fracture


  • Tempered glass will not stay in place in the event of a break. If this is required, it should also undergo Laminated process.

Laminated Glass [Triplex] – Multilayer


A Laminated glazing consists in its simplest form of two glazing glued together with an elastic PVB film. This permanent and strong welding is done by heating and vacuuming. 

In case of breakage, the membrane holds the fragments. It is easy to understand that by changing combinations in type and number of both glass and intermediate membranes, we have a wide range of products that cover every special requirement.

They are used:

  • When glass is required to remain in place in case of breakage [shop windows, windows, doors, balconies, stairs, canopies]
  • To make it harder to invade after vandalism [banks, jewelry stores]
  • To reduce noise levels
  • For protection against weapons and explosive mechanisms


  • Laminated glass can not be used in
    applications where glass drilling or cutting is required
    to add hardware. If this is required, it must be preceded by a Tempered treatment.
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