About Thermoglass

36 years of international experience in the field of glass

Thermoglass was founded in 1984.

It quickly became active in sectors that until then had minimal growth in the Greek market. Thus, products such as double thermal insulation crystals, the company can be proud that it made them known and established them in the Greek market.

Since then Thermoglass has continued in the course of these years with the same original spirit of the search for the new. In the working environment of the family company, the 2nd generation of the new executives of the company brought new ideas and modern production processes to add to the existing commitment to quality.

This is how it continues today. In modern privately owned facilities with state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, Thermoglass is presented as one of the most reliable companies in the field of glass in Greece.

A key element that characterizes Thermoglass, is the commitment to the production of quality products, the constant search for pioneering technologies and their practical application in the glass sector.

All high-demand products such as - double glazing glass, bulletproof and anti-vandal glass - are accompanied by CE certification documents and their specification sheet and technical specifications. Suppliers of raw materials are the leading European companies in the field. The production of Thermoglass insulating glass, with or without gas in the gap, is also covered by a CE certificate.

For many years, member of POEVY (Panhellenic Federation of Traders & Craftsmen of Glass).

Equally important in the 36 years of the company is the two-way relationship with customers in terms of the work they want to accomplish, no matter how small or large. Talking to them, we try to adapt our products to their measures and needs, without sticking strictly to standard production.

Perhaps it is the main reason that explains the multitude of our happy customers all these years.

Thermoglass Facilities

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